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Sister Miyako (ミヤコ?) is the second neck 二の首 Ni no kubi and the first Orochi to appear and attack.


Miyako is a dark-skinned woman with long purple hair, yellow eyes, spectacles with squared lens and two yellow clips.

Miyako wears a complex outfit.


Miyako lost her faith due to living through a terrible war (presumed somewhere in England due to her Orochi light coming from London). Although there is little co-operation among the Orochi, she seems to be the closest thing therein to a second-in-command having great respect for Tsubasa and the most cool-headed of the lot; it is also implied that she holds an unrequited love for Tsubasa.


Miyako appears in Episode 1 when she attacks Chikane Himemiya and Himeko Kurusugawa. When Sōma Ōgami came to his senses, they started to fight and Miyako is defeated. She is usually seen in every episode chatting with the other necks. Later, Miyako attempted to subvert Chikane forces her to face her feelings for Himeko. When Chikane becomes an Orochi, they started to fight and Miyako is the last one to be defeated by Chikane.


Miyako can control Girochi and induce some semblance of cooperation among the three other female Necks.

Her influence appears to be what convinced Chikane Himemiya to side with the Orochi cause, though it is later revealed that the Lunar Miko went with them on her own accord. Her mecha, Yatsu no Onokoshizuchi, vaguely resembles a lightning demon in appearance, having no arms but an array of tentacles and a giant circle of electrodes on its back which fire deadly beams. In personal contact, Miyako can make use of enchanted mirrors to create complex illusions and to spy on others over distances. She is a skilled manipulator and a keen observer.


  • Her name, Miyako, is written in katakana (ミヤコ), which has no special meaning.
  • There is some indication that Miyako carries the mark of Orochi on her throat.
  • Ikue Ohtani (Miyako's seiyu) also voiced Konohamaru from Naruto.
  • In the manga, Miyako has dark blue hair and a dark blue outfit.