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Otoha Kisaragi (如月 乙羽 Kisaragi Otoha?) is the personal maid of Chikane Himemiya.


Otoha has shoulder-length blond wavy hair that is styled in ringlets at the bottom with bangs swept to the left and brown eyes.

She wears a maid uniform formed from a dark brown dress, a white apron, a white cap, greenish brown shoes and greenish brown stockings.


Otoha is a loyal and devoted man to Chikane Himemiya. When Himeko Kurusugawa comes to live with Chikane, Otoha immediately notices the bond between the pair that she grows intensely jealous and angered at Himeko for taking Chikane away from her and hurting her mistress. Aside from playing a humorous role and some very weighty scenes of her own in the series, she is a support character who clarifies how Chikane reserved her feelings for Himeko alone.


In Episode 1, Otoha is helping Chikane Himemiya find the right dress for her birthday party. She said that it is unusual for Chikane to be unsure what dress should wear, as usually she choose what dress she wears. In episode 3, when Himeko Kurusugawa comes to live with Chikane, Otoha became jealous. Also, she is the first one to figure out the atraction between them. She seems to hate Himeko as she noticed all the food she didn't like. In episode 7 Otoha is sent away in Tokyo to take care of Chikane's ill uncle, she confesses to Chikane on how much she cares for her and admires her. When Otoha is embraced and thanked by Chikane, she blushes and cries. Later, she sent a letter to Himeko, explaining how much Chikane needs her.


  • The name Otoha means "witty, spicy, chic" (乙) (oto) and "feather" (羽) (ha).
  • Otoha's surname Kisaragi means "February" (如月).