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The miko are The Solar Miko and The Lunar Miko, Ame no Murakumo's allies in his fight with Orochi. They have the

Miko's outfit

duty to revive Ame no Murakumo. It it revealed near the end of the series that, in order to save to world, one of the miko should be killed by the other miko, as a sacrifice. After this, the miko reincarnates with their feelings intact but with all the memories from their past lost.

Ame no Murakumo is the god of swords. When Orochi rises, it is prophesied that only the god of swords will stand against it and be able to undo the damage that Orochi causes. Ame no Murakumo, who shares the name of the legendary sword Kusanagi, rests inside its shrine on the moon until it is brought forth by the Miko of Sun and Moon. Ame no Murakumo takes the shape of either a giant sword or a humanoid mecha, which can be piloted like the Orochi mecha. None of the legends warn those who summon Ame no Murakumo of the terrible price that the god of swords demands to restore the world. Also, the god of swords does not appear to be the subject of unambiguous appreciation; when Ame no Murakumo lay dormant after its previous battle against Orochi, its shrine on Earth was placed under a seal of six swords. Unless Ame no Murakumo and its priests set this arrangement up themselves to test the powers and determination of the future Miko of Sun and Moon, this means someone felt Ame no Murakumo was best kept locked away unless it was absolutely needed. During their most recent battle, Orochi displayed a great hatred for Ame no Murakumo. The god of swords itself did not address its enemy however; the only times it possibly spoke was when it was addressing one or both of the Miko of Sun and Moon in a feminine voice.

In the anime series are revealed only two miko, who are also the heroines of the series.

Miko Name Symbol
The Solar Miko Himeko Kurusugawa on her chest
The Lunar Miko Chikane Himemiya on her back