Makoto Saotome
Name Makoto Saotome
Kanji 早乙女 マコト
Romanji Saotome Makoto
Age 16
Hair colour Brown
Eyes Colour Turquoise
Personal Statistics
Sort Human
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Seiyu Ikue Ohtani (Japanese)

Julie Ann Taylor (English)

Makoto Saotome is Himeko 's friend and also her roommate.


Makoto has short brown hair. A part of her hair is wrapped in a light green ribbon. Her eyes are turquiose. She usually wears the school standard female uniform.


Makoto is a cheerful, funny and energetic person. She is also an athletic girl, one of the best runners on the Ototachibana track team.


She made her debut in episode 1 when she woke up Himeko. To make her hurry up, she started to take pictures of Himeko. They walk together to school. After Chikane embraced Himeko, she tells her she is very lucky and started to tell Himeko how popular Chikane is. Makoto was separated from Himeko when she returns to rescue the present for Chikane's birthday.

In episode 2 Himeko visited her at hospital. She was seriously injuried. Also, Makoto tells Himeko to leave and then started to cry. She appeared later in the series and helped Himeko to make a decision during episode 9. When the Orochi made their last move in episode 11, she is seen helping Izumi to escape. In the last episode she is seen again as Himeko's roomate.


  • Her first name, Makoto, is an unisex name which mean "sincerity".
  • Himeko calls her Mako-chan.