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The Mahoroba village

Mahoroba is an ancient Japanese word describing a far-off land full of bliss and peace. It is roughly comparable to the western concepts of arcadia, a place surrounded by mountains full of harmony and quiet. Mahoroba is now written only in hiragana as まほろば. The origins of the word are not clear; it is described in a poem in the ancient Kojiki (古事記) as being the perfect place in Yamato. In the anime, the story takes place in the city of Mahoroba. In the first episode, Himeko said that Mahoroba is a village where the time goes slow, like people, nature, happy and sad things. Also, the title of the first episode, "The distant land", reflects the Mahoroba village, the main location of the series.


  • In the manga, Himeko wasn't born in Mahoroba, but in the anime she was.
  • Chikane has born in Mahoroba.