Kazuki Ōgami
Name Kazuki Ōgami
Kanji 大神 カズキ
Romanji Ōgami Kazuki
Age 19+
Hair colour Dark Turquiose
Eyes Colour Ochre
Personal Statistics
Sort Human


Status Alive
Relatives Sōma Ōgami (adoptive brother)
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Seiyu Moichi Saito (Japanese)

Lex Lang (English)

Kazuki Ogama is Sōma's adopted older brother and legal guardian, as well as priest of the temple of the Solar and Lunar Miko.


Kazuki is an young man with long dark turquiose hair and ochre eyes. He usually wears the priest outfit.


Calm and collected, he is especially worried about Sōma and what his Orochi blood will do to him; he also worries to an extent about Himeko and Chikane and what their duties will do to them. Even still, there are some indicators that imply he is not telling everyone the full extent of what is going on.


He made his debut in episode 1 when he walked into Soma's room. He had a chat with him. Later, he witnessed at Soma's "transformation" in Orochi and asked how could this be. Later, in episode 2 he tells Chikane and Himeko the story of the lunar and solar priestesses and that Soma is an Orochi. After this, he gave them the miko's outfit and assist at their training.


  • His first name, Kazuki, mean "one tree".