Name Izumi
Romanji Izumi
Age 16
Hair colour Blue
Eyes Colour Turquiose
Personal Statistics
Sort Human
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Seiyu Kiyomi Asai (Japanese)

Megan Hollingshead (English)

Izumi is the leader of a group of girls who are Chikane 's biggest fans at school.


Izumi has very long curly blue hair and turquiose eyes. She wears the school female standard uniform.


She is very jealous about Himeko 's close relationship with Chikane and she and her group resort to bullying tactics when Himeko even gets to stay at the Himemiya mansion, although they initially stop after witnessing Chikane's quiet fury at what they had done. Izumi has a superior attitude towards Himeko.


She made her debut in episode 1 walking on school's stairs. After Chikane caught Himeko, she said that Chikane looks more beautiful today. In episode 3 , after finding out Himeko lives with Chikane, she became jealous about Himeko and pushed her on stairs, but Soma catched her before she falls. Chikane witnessed the moment and give Izumi a "look" that made her afraid. She claimed the fact that it wasn't she who pushed Himeko. Later she and her group confronted Himeko when Chikane becames an Orochi and doesn't attend school anymore. When the Orochi made their last move she is seen falling but Makoto caught her. She believed it was Chikane.


  • She and her group calls Chikane "Miya-sama".
  • Her name, Izumi, can mean "spring" or "fountain".