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Girochi (?) is the The Third Neck 三の首San no kubi. He is one of the first Orochi to attack the miko.


He is a very large man with heavy chains hanging off him, which he uses as weapons. He has short green hair, dark skin and yellow eyes. His eyebrows are also bushy. He's seen wearing a gakuran (a traditional junior high / highschool uniform for Japanese boys), implying that he's an older teenager (probably just a little older than Himeko and Chikane themselves) rather than an adult.


He is attracted to Himeko and wishes to go on a date with her, which only fuels Chikane's jealous protectiveness of the Solar Miko.

Girochi is said to be Miyako 's younger brother, and she's among the few who can keep him in line. In a flashback scene, he is shown in a scene of destruction as a young boy, crying near a body crushed under a collapsed building. Presumably, the same war that destroyed his sister's church claimed the life of their parents and left Girochi traumatized and disillusioned.


He made his debut in episode 2 when he attacks the miko. When he first saw Himeko, he claimed the fact that he is in love with her and that they should go on a date. Also, he said that he didn't like Chikane because she has big boobs. Soma had a fight with him and Girochi was defeated. In episode 3, Nekoko cured his wounds. When Soma and Himeko were on a date, he attacks again but he is also defeated again. When Chikane became an orochi, he is the first one to be petrified by her.

The very last episode has a short scene where Miyako and Girochi are still alive, but tending to people in need and being genuinely kind to them. Girochi's appearance is slightly changed as his gakuran isn't damaged, he has stopped using chains and his hair is less messy, signifying his more docile new nature


His mecha, Hi no Ashinazuchi, is nicknamed Gungal, and it is characterized by an excessively large right arm — so large that the entire mech's body can fit inside it when he uses it as a weapon (the "Megaton Knuckle" attack). He is the first to be petrified by Chikane, and is later purified. He carries the mark of Orochi on the back of his right hand..


  • His seiyu also voiced Kankuro from the anime series Naruto and Kano Ashido from Bleach.
  • His English voice actor also voiced Kisame from the anime series Naruto and does Narration for bleach