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Corona (コロナ Korona?) is The Fourth Neck 四の首 Shi no kubi, she is a delusional pop idol whose dismal sales (68th, though Reiko Ōta constantly taunts her with "69th") are partly responsible for her becoming one of the Orochi.


Corona is a teenager girl with long brown hair that is styled in two ponytails, green eyes and orange nail polish.

Her outfit is consist by a short yellow shirt, light blue shorts, dark blue belt, yellow gaiters, colorful shoes and orange stockings.


Corona is a impulsive, proud and irascible girl with a temperamental personality who is almost manic in her behavior, constantly trying to impress the other Orochi with her showmanship, but her energetic exterior hides a dark past.

A flashback scene in the anime depicts her lying on a bed next to an older man, with much of her clothing torn or thrown aside; she also looks both furious and tearful. The exact nature of the liaison, as well as the reasons behind it, are left unsaid; though some have stated that the older man had tricked Corona into thinking that she would become an idol but was really just "using" her, plus the scene is accompanied by the suggestion that Corona was "betrayed by her dreams". Therefore it's likely that Corona either prostituted herself to gain better deals in the music industry, was sexually abused by a producer or a patron when she already was in it, or went through both kinds of abuse.


Corona made her debut in the series in episode 1 when the Orochi arrives. She is usually seen in every episode chatting with other necks and fighting with Reiko Ōta, who described her as being "weird". In episode 7 she attacks the miko along with Nekoko, Girochi and Reiko, but she is defeated by Sōma Ōgami. Later, Corona is petrified by Chikane Himemiya when she became an Orochi. At the end of the series, she (as well as the other Orochi's) becomes purified and regrets her actions for when she was an Orochi.  

Corona's last appearance in episode 12 showed her performing on a stage singing which depicts that she had finally accomplished her dream and found happiness. 


Ooube no Senazuchi (Corona's mecha), nicknamed Final Stage, takes on the forms of a wheel with a demonic eye in its center and of a giant centipede with an anthropoid head and arms. In personal combat, Corona throws lipsticks at her target. This attack is not as harmless as it might sound, since these lipsticks carry a kinetic charge capable of causing explosions.


  • The name Corona means "crown" in Spanish and Italian.
  • There is some indication that Corona carries the mark of Orochi on her left breast.